Where Do Engineers Sleep on Below Deck?

October 11, 2023

Nearly a decade has passed since Below Deck first set sail, but the Bravo reality series continues to capture viewers' attention. The show chronicles the (surprisingly dramatic!) lives of crew members who work and live aboard a yacht during charter season. From rowdy stewards to aloof bosuns, the show's crew members are all in it for the money, but there are also plenty of relationships and drama that ensues as the seasons progress.

As the latest season of Below Deck kicks off, we're bound to see more drama than ever before. From a restraining order against one of the crew to a secret romance, this season looks like it could be the craziest yet. But despite all of the chaos, the cast members still have to sleep at some point. So where do the engineers sleep on below deck?

Below Deck producers have answered this question before. The production team is granted their own cabins and separate spaces from the cast during filming, so the crew can snooze in peace without having to worry about being interrupted by guests or co-stars. The producers have also said that they are allowed to leave the yacht during their breaks, so they can enjoy the scenery of the location they are visiting.

However, the production crew cannot go against Captain Lee's orders if they feel that weather conditions are not safe for sailing or docking. This is based on the crew's expert judgement, and is a standard part of the contract that each person signs before joining the cast. Additionally, the crew members are required to disclose any medical conditions and prescribed medications to producers. This is what caused some controversy in season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, when chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier failed to disclose her anxiety medication.


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