Where Do Electricians Sleep When They Travel?

November 5, 2023

Electrical workers are often asked where do electricians sleep when they travel, but have you ever wondered if there’s actually any truth to the joke? Fortunately, the answer is yes. While many electricians work from home, the majority of those who work in this field are required to spend at least some time away from their home base. As a result, electricians are often required to work on jobs in other locations, which can lead to some interesting sleeping arrangements.

For example, one electrician describes the unusual arrangement that he has to use when he is on a job site in Hawaii. He explains that he sleeps between the floor and a piece of plywood, which serves as a barrier to keep him from falling off the bed!

Another interesting sleeping arrangement for an electrician involves using a car door. The electrician explains that when he is working on a project at night, he will close the door to keep out bugs and other unwelcome guests.

Most of the electricians interviewed also talked about the physical short-term consequences of their electrical accident. They described symptoms such as pain and discomfort, arousal, visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensations, dizziness and loss of consciousness. They also discussed feelings and emotions such as confusion, surprise, fear, anxiety and anger. It was common for the electricians to experience psychological side effects after their accidents, including disabling anxiety. Often, the health care services and workplace did not take these psychological issues into consideration and some of them had to deal with long-term consequences.


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