Where Do Dragonflies Sleep?

October 7, 2023

Dragonflies are well known for their aerial prowess and agility, but these fascinating insects also need periods of rest. They are most active during the day and at night, hunting for food or mate, and need to find a safe place to rest when they can’t be disturbed by predators. The duration of these rest periods is unknown, but it is crucial for the overall health and survival of these insects. The behavior of insect resting periods has been the subject of much research, revealing fascinating insights into the lives of these remarkable creatures.

Where Do Dragonflies Sleep?

Dragonfly adults often choose secluded places in the landscape for their rest periods, often avoiding areas with lots of activity and noise. In addition, they are very sensitive to light pollution and may not be able to rest in areas where their environment has been heavily modified.

During their rest periods, dragonflies undergo many physiological and behavioral changes that help them conserve energy and recover from the physical exertion of flight. Their body temperature decreases, their heart rate slows down, and their muscles relax, all of which contribute to their ability to conserve energy and reduce their risk of predation and other environmental stresses.

Unlike mammals, dragonflies do not enter into a deep sleep state during their rest periods. Instead, they enter a state called torpor, which is similar to hibernation in that their metabolic functions decrease and they become less responsive to stimuli. This enables them to conserve energy and remain alert to possible predators or prey.


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