Where Do Dragonflies Sleep at Night?

December 28, 2023

As the sun sets and the world transitions into twilight, dragonflies adjust their behavior and settle down for a night of rest. These delicate creatures are expert fliers, whose movements seem like a dazzling performance. They hunt for food throughout the day and take care of other necessities such as mating. But after all they do, these beautiful insects deserve a well-deserved rest.

While the exact amount of time dragonflies sleep at night is unknown, research on other insect species suggests that they require a minimum of one hour of daily rest to function optimally. In order to achieve this, they enter a state of inactivity known as torpor. During torpor, their metabolic rate slows down and their body temperature drops to a very low level. This allows them to conserve their energy for the next day of hunting, mating, or scouting.

For their nocturnal sleep, dragonflies find various perching spots on plants, twigs, or even on the ground. They typically choose locations that provide camouflage and protection from predators. They also opt for surfaces that are sturdy and stable, allowing them to cling to them with their legs as they slumber.

They usually rest in areas close to bodies of water as they do not want to be disturbed by potential predators at night. They may rest in ponds, streams, lakes, or even in the sea. They also prefer forests or grasslands with thick vegetation where they can hide and stay protected from sunlight.


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