Where Do Deer Sleep When It Rains?

October 18, 2023

Deer typically do not like to sleep in the rain and will seek shelter when it begins to fall. During the daytime they will graze or move around without much concern but when it comes time to settle down and sleep it is important that they find adequate protection from the elements.

Deer bedding sites will normally be located in thick woods and thick brush where they can hide from predators while remaining dry. They are often found in conifer thickets as well as under evergreen trees whose branches act as natural umbrellas to shield them from falling raindrops. Other shelters they might choose to use are culverts, hollow logs and even crop fields.

Once a deer has found the perfect spot to bed they will usually return there day after day. They are creatures of habit and they want to ensure they have a comfortable restful place. They also feel more secure in known sanctuary areas so they will remain there during a storm.

When a deer is finally ready to drift off into a deep sleep they will twitch their ears and flick their eyes quickly. This is the sign that they are still able to hear and smell predators nearby.

Deer are smart and have an innate ability to sense that a storm is coming. They will often become more active in the hours prior to a storm arriving and stock up on food that they can easily access before it arrives. This will ensure that they have enough energy to get them through the duration of the storm.


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