Where Do Deer Sleep During the Day?

December 13, 2023

Many hunters have wondered, “where do deer sleep during the day?” Deer spend a lot of their time resting to maintain alertness and to refuel from physiological and physical activities. They may even sleep with their heads up, as this young buck is doing here. Different species need to sleep differently, and predators can afford much longer periods of sleep than prey animals like deer can.

Deer will often find a secluded spot, such as in brush, weeds or tall grass, for their bedding areas. The bedding area may be in the core of their home range, or somewhere nearby that provides protection from wind and rain. They will choose bedding sites that provide a combination of long-distance visibility, downwind scent, and freedom from threat.

When a deer is sleeping, they are in a drowsy state, and will typically only sleep for about 30 seconds to a few minutes at a time. They then wake up, stretch, urinate and/or defecate, and are back to being alert in a very short amount of time. This pattern repeats over and over again throughout the day.

This type of light sleep allows a deer to conserve energy, but it also helps them stay on guard for danger, especially when it comes from predators. As such, deer are very careful not to let their guard down too much, and it’s quite rare for a hunter to ever witness a deer sleeping in the wild.


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