Where Do Deer Sleep?

December 2, 2023

Many hunters and wildlife enthusiasts are curious about where do deer sleep. They may have heard that deer typically take naps at night, but the truth is they actually sleep during the day. And, while they sleep during the day, they usually stick with their regular bedding areas. These are spots where they feel comfortable and secure and offer a good mix of cover, an easy escape route and entrance, and freedom from threat.

Deer also have a unique ability to sleep with their eyes open. It’s not uncommon for them to doze off for a few minutes at a time, but they never enter a deep sleep and can easily wake up should they sense that predators are nearby. This is a necessary survival mechanism for prey species such as deer.

Moreover, while humans need a certain amount of rest, deer only need short power naps that help to refresh them and keep their senses sharp. This helps them stay on high alert for predators at all times.

During the fall and winter, does tend to be more selective when it comes to bedding sites than they are in summer. They prefer to bed down in spots that are close to food sources, have plenty of dense vegetation for hiding, and are located on higher ground where they can see and smell approaching predators more effectively. It’s not uncommon for does to bed down with other does, fawns, and yearlings, which can create a sense of safety in numbers.


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