Where Do Crows Sleep?

October 19, 2023

Crows are fascinating birds, with an ingenious mind and unmatched adaptability. They’re often misunderstood, with people focusing on unwanted behavior and overlooking more relatable or redeemable qualities. For example, crows have the ability to recognize their friends. They’re also able to analyze patterns and threats with the intelligence of a 7-year-old child.

They have a lot of skills to offer us, and this is especially true of their sleep habits. While crows don’t have a specific time to go to bed, they do roost at night and wake up before dawn to start their day. In the wild, they roost in big trees with enough branches to hold hundreds of crows. These locations are known as communal roosts. They may change roosting spots during the mating season.

During rainy weather, crows stay put and wait it out on large branches. They will choose branches that are shielded from wind and heavy rain to prevent being swept away. If they can’t find a suitable branch, they may look for shelter in buildings or sheds.

When a crow is alone, it will select a roosting spot with dense branches to protect itself from predators. It will typically avoid solitary roosts like window sills or ledges, as they are vulnerable to attacks from hunters. Despite their fear of humans, they’re well adapted to urban areas. In cities, crows can roost on windowsills, ledges, or building sides. They usually roost in the same area throughout the year, except during the breeding season.


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