Where Do Crew Sleep on Cruise Ships?

December 21, 2023

In the cruise world, the life of a crew member looks glamorous but behind the facade lies an entirely different story. This is especially true for the captains of larger ships who live in a different space altogether from the rest of the staff. Kate McCue, the captain of Celebrity Beyond recently shared a TikTok video of her living quarters which show off how much bigger they are than the average crew cabin.

In addition to her couch and TV, McCue’s space also boasts a large amount of natural light thanks to the ship’s endless veranda design. The rest of the cabin is furnished with bunk beds, a bathroom, and a small work desk. Unlike passenger cabins, most crew cabins have shared bathrooms but some have en-suites.

While the space is tight, it’s still a step up from some crew members’ living situations at home. One crew member who has a contract with Viking Ocean Cruises says that their cabin is just 120 square feet and they typically share it with another staff member in the same department. Their cabin is furnished with a set of bunk beds with privacy curtains, a mini fridge, a working desk and chair, a TV and closet.

Unlike guest staterooms, most of the rooms don’t have windows but some do have portholes and are reserved for officers and higher management. Like any other space on the ship, the cabins are subject to inspection by cruise line staff from time to time. In addition to the cabins, there are other spaces for the crew to relax in such as a bar and the crew disco. The crew bars are usually less themed than the upscale lounges found on cruise ships but can still be a great place to unwind with co-workers.


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