Where Do Coyotes Sleep?

November 16, 2023

Coyotes are a common sight throughout North America, often howling at night. People sometimes confuse them with their furry cousin, the wolf, however they are very different in most aspects. Coyotes are naturally diurnal animals, sleeping during the day and hunting at night.

While some coyotes live in urban areas, they still prefer to sleep in natural habitats such as prairies and deserts or wooded patches or shrubbery. They also like to use caves, tree stumps, dug out holes, logs and outcrops for shelter. If a new den is needed, they may use the burrow of another animal such as a badger or raccoon, if possible, but will dig their own if necessary.

As far as where do coyotes sleep in the summer, they typically lie down in open areas to avoid pests and take advantage of cooling breezes, but they will seek cover in shady areas during bright sunlight. During winter, they are usually found curled up in dens that they have dug themselves or in badger holes. They may even use abandoned fox dens.

Coyotes are extremely adaptable and will adjust their habits depending on the environment in which they find themselves. If they are near a livestock farm, for example, they may become diurnal during the day in order to minimize encounters with humans and their pets. If you are concerned about coyotes living on or around your property, be sure to contact a professional for help.


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