Where Do Coyotes Sleep in Winter?

October 19, 2023

Coyotes are a highly adaptable animal. Their thick fur keeps them warm in winter, and their slow metabolism allows them to conserve energy while sleeping. They will usually sleep above ground and choose areas that are safe from dogs, people, and poison oak. They also make sure their bedding area has enough cover to avoid predators.

In the winter, when it is cold, coyotes will use whatever shelter they can find. They may dig into the snow or seek out a rock, log, tree stump, cave, or other natural area to use as a bed. They will also sometimes take over the den of a badger, fox, raccoon, or other animal that has abandoned it.

One of the most important things that happens in winter for coyotes is that they will change their diet. They will eat more meat and smaller animals. They will also grow their winter coat. This coat is very similar to the coats of other mammals that don’t hibernate, such as wolves and foxes. It has two layers and traps residual air to keep the coyote warm.

Another thing that coyotes do in the winter is that they will travel to find a mate. This is especially true when there is a lot of snow. They will also travel longer distances in search of food and water. As a result, they will need more rest than other seasons. As they look for a place to sleep, they will choose a site that is protected and has easy access to food and water.


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