Where Do Coyotes Sleep in the City?

October 30, 2023

The coyote doesn’t hibernate, and it is active year-round. Its hunting pattern varies with the season. Coyotes are most active in spring and summer, when their young pups are growing up and exploring the world around them. This is when adult males will be searching for a mate, while females are busy raising and caring for their young.

In the wild, when it comes to where do coyotes sleep, they tend to seek out shelter in a natural enclosure that will allow them to remain hidden from their prey, including rock crevices, caves, hollow logs, another animal’s den (including rabbit burrows), or thickets. Those found in urban areas might sleep in sewer grates, drain pipes, abandoned buildings or houses, bridge underpasses, or even alleyways.

However, during the coldest months of winter, it’s more likely that you will see a coyote traveling rather than sleeping in an actual den. Coyotes won’t bother to dig a long-term den unless they have pups that need to be raised there. During the winter, they’ll look for a good spot to lie down where they can still stay warm, like under a bush or outcropping, in a covered area of your yard, or even in a snowbank!

If you happen to find a coyote taking a rest during the day, don’t disturb it! Just remember that it’s a wild animal, and it will probably be hunting at night. And don’t feed it, either – feeding wildlife can lead to disease and/or death.


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