Where Do Chickens Sleep in Their Coop?

November 16, 2023

As with all living things, chickens need sleep in order to survive. Whether they are roosting on a roosting bar or curled up in their own little ball, chickens find ways to get some shut-eye every night of the week. They are no different from us in that regard, and their sleeping habits are interesting to say the least!

Where do chickens sleep in their coop?

When chickens roost, they prefer to sleep as high off the ground as possible. This makes them feel safe from predators. In addition, if they are on the ground during the night, they may be exposed to parasites and pests that would make them sick.

It is important that you provide a roosting perch for your flock in your chicken coop. The perch should be wide enough for each chicken to sit on, and it should not be too close together. Each chicken should have at least 8-10 inches of space in which to sit while roosting, and more is even better.

In the wild, chickens choose the highest branch they can reach for a roosting spot, but this does not always provide a 100% predator-safe place to sleep. In the coop, however, chickens can be secure on their perch and can easily wake up to any danger.

Some chickens prefer to sleep curled up in a little ball while others sleep more sprawled out. It does not matter which position they sleep in as long as they are comfortable and can sleep soundly through the night.


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