Where Do Chicken Sleep and How Long Do They Sleep For?

November 20, 2023

Chickens are often funny little creatures, and that is not just because they eat dirt! They also have some odd sleeping habits that can make people scratch their heads in wonder. In this article we are going to take a look at where do chicken sleep and how long do they sleep for?

In the wild chickens sleep in shrubbery, trees, and taller bushes to protect them from predators. Their feathers blend right in with the foliage and they cannot easily be spotted by any lurking predators. The chickens that are closest to the ground will sleep with their eyes closed so they can be alert for danger, while those in the middle can sleep with one eye open. During the night, the sentries swap positions so that everyone gets to get some restful sleep.

When the sun goes down, your chickens will go to bed! They do not have to sleep all night though, as they can easily wake up if they hear or see a potential predator. It can be stressful for your flock to stay awake all night as they are constantly on guard for any nocturnal predators, so it is important that you provide them with a safe and secure chicken coop.

In the coop, chickens are happiest when they sleep on roosting bars. This replicates the feeling of being up in a tree in the wild and makes them feel safer. Some chickens prefer to sleep on flat surfaces, but it really depends on the individual chicken and what feels comfortable to them. Older chickens or baby chicks may not be able to sleep on the roosting bars due to their age or health, so they will end up in nesting boxes instead. It is important to keep your coop clean and free of poop, as chickens poop a lot and if it is allowed to build up, this can lead to diseases.


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