Where Do Cats Sleep?

December 12, 2023

When cats sleep, they want to be able to keep an eye on their surroundings. That’s why they prefer to sleep in quiet places that are out of the way of other members of the household, and often a little bit elevated so they can have a good view. This preference comes from their wild ancestors, who needed to be able to survey their hunting territory in case of predators and rivals. If you have a cat that likes to sleep in the corner of the room, or under your bed, or even on top of your head, it means they feel very bonded to you and are willing to put themselves in a vulnerable position for that.

However, some sleeping positions, such as the belly up position, go back to their wild ancestors, and their ability to be both predators and prey. A cat sleeping on its stomach exposes their vulnerable stomach area, so they feel safe around people who know how to protect them. It’s also a sign that they trust you to keep them safe.

In addition, most cats are very temperature-sensitive. They are at their most vulnerable during non-REM sleep, so they are looking for a place that is warm, and away from drafty spots. You’ll also notice that your cat rotates its preferred napping spot from time to time. This behavior is very similar to African wildcats, from which our domestic cat derives its genes. The reason is that if their sleeping spot is discovered by enemies, they don’t want to be surprised and possibly killed during their dreams!


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