Where Do Cats Sleep Outside?

November 23, 2023

Whether you have feral cats in your neighborhood or an outdoor cat of your own, the question “where do cats sleep outside?” is one that comes up often. The short answer is that they look for settings that provide warmth, protection and seclusion from predators. As a crepuscular species, cats are active at night and hunt their prey while we are sleeping.

During the day, cats may take shelter in abandoned warehouses or old barns for warmth and security from other animals that would otherwise raid their food supply. In some cases, these felines may also be able to seek a mate in this environment. The nocturnal environment also offers the opportunity for a cat to explore new areas, hunt and stake out a territory while other animals are not around.

Our indoor pets also sleep in a variety of places, including under the bed, behind the sofa or in an empty box. They typically look for places that are warm and safe, as they are naturally afraid of being harmed while asleep. To help your pet feel more secure, position their bed away from draughty areas, as well as noise and vibration-generating appliances such as washing machines. The ideal bed for a cat is soft, fleecy and with tall sides that offer privacy.

It may be difficult to encourage your cat to sleep inside again if they’ve become accustomed to sleeping outdoors. However, it’s important to try and understand the reasons for their decision, such as fulfilling natural instincts, exploring new territories and feeling more secure outside. You can also help your cat feel more at home indoors by providing them with a cozy sleeping space, adjusting the temperature, removing scent markings and ensuring they have plenty of mental and physical stimulation.


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