Where Do Cats Sleep Outside at Night?

October 28, 2023

As any cat owner knows, letting your cats sleep outside at night can be a bit of a challenge. You want to ensure that your furry family member is safe from predators and that they have a warm and comfortable place to rest at night. In the wild, strays and feral cats are accustomed to sleeping outdoors, but as pet owners we tend to want them to sleep inside with us at night.

If your outdoor cat has a small, private area to sleep in and is familiar with it, they will likely use this as their regular sleeping spot at night. They may sleep on or under chairs or benches, against the back of a building, or underneath bushes and other structures. Cats are also known to sleep in crawl spaces under house siding, decks, or patio furniture.

In the case of a female in heat, she will be more inclined to go out and mate at night as intact males can be found patrolling and it is easier to pick up on their scents without humans around. It is for this reason that cats in heat yowl so loudly after dark as they attempt to attract attention from available mates.

Feral and stray cats will usually huddle together to sleep at night as they use each other for warmth, and to guard younger members of their family who might be more vulnerable. They will often choose a sleeping spot that suits their weather and is close to food and water resources, as well as other felines. They may also choose to lie on a piece of wood, or the engine of an automobile, for warmth and security.


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