Where Do Bobcats Sleep at Night?

November 24, 2023

When it comes to wild animals, it can be difficult to get accurate data about sleep habits. Especially with large cats like bobcats, whose elusiveness makes them a hard animal to study. Fortunately, there are some data that can give us a glimpse into these felines’ lives and sleeping patterns.

The solitary creatures usually emerge from their daytime resting place, which is generally a rock cleft or thicket, to hunt at night. Their mottled fur helps to camouflage them. They often mark their territory with urine scent or claw markings. They are highly territorial, and they only hunt in their own home range. Depending on the area and season, they may live in dens such as hollow trees, snags, rock crevices, or caves. Mostly, they build multiple dens within their territory including one main den called a natal den.

They prefer to sleep in shelters that provide protection from predators and harsh weather conditions. They are pretty picky about the locations of their dens as they want to ensure that there is dense cover, shelter from precipitation, and safety from disturbances. The ideal terrain for a bobcat den is a rocky outcrop, brushy or wooded areas, and mountains.

Bobcats are crepuscular in their activity pattern as they hunt small mammals, birds, and other prey. Their hunting peaks during the hours from three hours before sunset to midnight, and again from before dawn to about three hours after sunrise. However, they can be active at any time of the day if prey is readily available.


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