Where Do Bluebirds Sleep at Night?

October 13, 2023

When the sun sets, bluebirds find a secluded place to sleep at night. They are diurnal birds, and will wake at dawn to begin their day. Like other songbirds, they seek thickets and dense trees for sleep spots. During stormy weather, they may go to an even more secluded location for safety.

They tend to re-use old nests for subsequent broods, or build new ones. They can have up to three broods a season. Bluebirds are monogamous, and males often help feed young after they fledge (leave the nest). Young from early broods will sometimes join the juveniles of later broods to gain foraging skills. Bluebirds are able to fly well by the time they are 28 days old. They usually fledge in late February, but can be found as early as March and as late as August.

Bluebirds are great for birders to watch during the breeding season, but you must be careful when monitoring their nestboxes at night. If you open the box while they are sleeping, it could disrupt their nesting cycle and lead to a lower success rate. The best time to monitor is in the afternoon when the birds are active.

Bluebirds can be difficult to rouse, and it is important to wait until they are alert before approaching the nest. You should also avoid monitoring during the egg laying period between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM.


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