Where Do Birds Sleep When It Rains?

November 13, 2023

What Happens When It Rains?

Some birds like seagulls can stand heavy rain but others cannot. These birds need to find a safe place where they can stay protected from the storm and preditors. For them, a suitable spot can be nooks and crannies of hedges or thick shrubbery. They try to remain motionless to preserve their energy and save themselves from absorbing the cold weather. Moreover, they also try to keep their feet as dry as possible.

Light Rain

Most birds don’t mind light rain because their feathers are water-resistant due to oil secreted by the preen glands. However, they do not want to get wet because it leads to the loss of heat from their body and may cause hypothermia.

When it comes to heavy rain, the bird’s behaviour changes completely. They tend to take shelter in bushes, dense trees, and reedbeds. They use this foliage as a natural umbrella to protect themselves from the raindrops. They also huddle together for warmth. They use their feathers to trap air close to them to prevent losing too much heat.

Some birds also try to hide under a bridge or under the eaves of a building. They have automatic clenching tendons on their feet that help them lock themselves in place and avoid getting blown away by the wind. They try to find a safe spot and sleep there during the storm until it clears. Then they try to forage once again.


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