Where Do Betta Fish Sleep?

November 29, 2023

If you’ve ever noticed your betta fish hanging motionless at the surface of their tank or taking naps throughout the day, don’t panic! Unlike humans, fish don’t sleep with their eyes closed like we do. Instead, they enter a state of low metabolism during sleep to rest and recover energy. It is also an essential time to process information gathered during the day, so they can keep an eye out for predators and other dangers.

Often, bettas choose to sleep on dense plant leaves in their tanks, as this is how they would rest and sleep in the wild. Adding Indian almond or banana leaves to your betta’s tank provides a natural environment that is comfortable and safe for their sleep. The leaves release tannins that help to purify the water, as well as promote a calming atmosphere for the fish.

Although bettas are diurnal fish, they do enjoy sleeping and taking naps at night as well as little cat naps throughout the day. If they have a safe and peaceful environment with hiding spots, secluded areas, or even betta hammocks to sleep in, it’s quite common for them to spend most of the day and night snoozing away!

Providing your betta with an optimal sleep environment is very important for their health and overall wellbeing. Creating the right conditions includes prioritizing the fish’s water temperature and quality, and keeping it in the recommended range for the best sleep experience. Additionally, a good quality filtration system is also necessary to avoid disrupting their natural sleep-wake cycles. Finally, the use of shady areas in the tank is crucial to provide your betta with an ideal sleep environment.


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