Where Do Bees Sleep?

November 12, 2023

S rank is a term used in video games to describe an extremely high level. It is normally used in conjunction with characters like the Itachi Uchiha in Naruto and techniques like slashing and kicking that make them far more powerful than their peers. However, it can also be found in other types of media like anime and martial arts.

Honey bees spend most of their lives flying around the hive collecting pollen and nectar, but at night they often find quiet spots to rest. Depending on the species, these resting places can range from a small puddle on a leaf to a nook in a tree trunk. In the hive, they may choose an empty hexagon beeswax cell as a “bed chamber” or a quiet area away from the brood comb.

In their studies, scientists found that all worker castes showed signs of sleep. The youngest bees slept in cells, while foragers exhibited more day-night periodicity with their sleeping patterns and had longer periods of deep sleep at night. The latter pattern probably reflects the huge physical demand of foraging for food outside the hive.

The researchers found that the bees’ body temperatures dropped during sleep and didn’t rise again until they began to move. The temperatures of different worker castes varied with their location in the hive. For example, cell cleaners tended to sleep in warm areas near the brood comb, while foragers slept in cooler regions. This may help them conserve energy to perform their tasks – but also activate the regenerative processes of sleep. They also discovered that bees who were sleep-deprived didn’t dance as well or perform well on sensory response tests, and they had a harder time finding their way back to food sources after foraging.


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