Where Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

October 11, 2023

Bearded dragons are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day and sleep at night. In the wild they will usually find a warm and cozy hiding spot such as a rock, log or plant to rest in but in captivity they can just use their terrarium. It is important that your pet gets enough rest as it is necessary for proper health. This is why you should make sure they get a good nights sleep and not keep their lights on all through the night as this will disrupt their natural sleep cycle and cause them to become cranky and sleep deprived.

Where Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

In the wild beardies may sleep on their bellies, but they will also find places to hide and feel secure such as a rock or hollow log. They can also dig down into the substrate and make a burrow. In the winter as temperatures drop they will go into brumation to conserve energy and protect themselves from predation.

If your Beardie is sleeping in a upright position with their back legs up against the glass this can be an indication that they are trying to regulate their body temperature and are too hot. They can also be woken up easily by sudden noises or turned on lights in the enclosure.

You can encourage your beardie to sleep by providing a soft bedding area of organic topsoil that is deep enough to allow them to burrow and stay warm. You can also add in extra items like rocks, logs and plants that will create a comfortable space for them to relax and feel safe. Make sure the bedding you use is free of materials that could cause an impaction such as pebbles or coarse sand.


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