Where Do Badger Bats Live?

February 14, 2024


Badgers are primarily terrestrial, meaning they spend much of their time on the ground hunting or resting. In the United States, badgers live in grasslands and savannas. In sub-Saharan Africa, they inhabit woodlands and deserts. They have few natural predators and are hunted for their fur. Their pelts are used for paintbrushes and shaving brushes. They also provide meat and other products for humans. They can dig through the toughest fences, and in some areas they may burrow under people’s lawns seeking underground food. Badgers have long claws that can easily tear through grass and soil. Their head is gold at the base and black in the middle, and their tail is four to six inches long.

Most bat species reproduce in the early fall, but females store sperm until they emerge from hibernation to breed. This delayed fertilization allows the animals to take advantage of ideal roosts and optimal feeding grounds in the spring. Most bats produce one pup per year.


Bucknell University Associate Professor of Biology DeeAnn Reeder and Fauna and Flora International programme officer Adrian Garside spotted this rare badger bat in the Bangangai Game Reserve in South Sudan. They identified it as a new species, which they named Niumbaha, meaning rare or unusual in the Zande language of the region. It is clearly different from other bats in the Glauconycteris genus, with different skull shape, nostrils, ears, and wings. Reeder says the discovery shows that despite decades of conflict, South Sudan has a wealth of biodiversity waiting to be discovered.


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