Where Do Babies Sleep When Traveling?

November 27, 2023

When traveling with babies or toddlers, the best sleeping solution will depend on where you’re staying. Hotels and vacation rentals often offer suites or adjoining rooms, which can be a great option for family travel with small babies. But if you’re visiting relatives or staying at their homes, your baby may sleep in an older crib or play yard that isn’t yours (or theirs).

If you plan on sleeping in the same room as your infant, it is recommended to bring a portable bassinet or travel crib that’s your child’s size and has the same mattress you use at home. Or, if you prefer to use an infant bed or toddler bed, choose one with a safe barrier or significant distance between it and your bed. If room-sharing isn’t feasible, you can also use a Slumberpod (Code CARA saves you 5%) to keep your infant in a separate area from the rest of the room while keeping everyone comfortable.

Follow your baby’s regular bedtime routine as much as possible. If you’re traveling to a different time zone, it is recommended to shift their feeding, napping and sleep times by small increments starting a few days before your trip to help them adjust to the new time zone.

Remember that a major safe-sleep guideline is to place your baby on their back to sleep. If you’re worried about a roll-off or face plant, consider using a fitted crib sheet and/or sleep sack to keep your child secure.


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