Where Do Babies Sleep Outside?

October 9, 2023

If you're from Scandinavia, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that babies are left alone to sleep outdoors year round. In fact, it's so common that it's considered the norm. The practice even has its own hashtag on TikTok, with one recent video garnering over 2 million likes and tens of thousands of comments. According to Nordic parents, the practice not only helps children sleep better but also preserves age-old cultural traditions.

Some people argue that the fresh air promotes deeper slumber and that it makes children happier. But it's not without risk. In the winter, a baby left outside could develop hypothermia. And at any time of the year, there's always a risk of abduction.

However, most parents who nap their babies outside do follow safety precautions. They typically choose a private garden or backyard that's far from street traffic, and they check their child regularly to make sure that they're warm enough. Additionally, they often use a large sunshade and a rain cover on their stroller.

And they may use a lock to prevent the stroller from being accidentally taken by strangers. They also don't leave their babies in the front yard or near a coffee shop because it's not safe and can be easily noticed by passersby.

And if they can't be with their baby during their nap, some parents have even invested in "sleep houses," which look kind of like a rabbit hutch and offer a secure place for infants to rest. Despite these precautions, many sleep experts still caution that sleeping outdoors can be dangerous for babies.


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