Where Do Armadillos Sleep?

November 5, 2023

Armadillos are curious creatures with a lot going on in their small bodies. They have long, sticky tongues, like anteaters (their cousins), and their eyesight isn’t very good, so they use other senses to navigate and hunt. Their noses are especially sharp, allowing them to smell things that are up to 20 cm below the surface. And they have long strands of fur on their underside, used to feel what they’re walking on, similar to the curb feelers on some cars.

These animals are omnivorous, and they will eat almost anything they can get their teeth into. They live in a variety of habitats, including deserts and grasslands, but they are most at home in forests. And while armadillos are primarily crepuscular and nocturnal, they will leave their burrows during the day to search for food.

When they aren’t hunting, feeding, or sleeping, armadillos spend most of their time digging tunnels. These tunnels are typically in the ground or in rocky outcroppings where they can hide from predators. They also dig in trees, and they have been known to climb up into fruit trees to eat.

Some people consider armadillos pests, because they often damage lawns and other properties. But they do a lot of good, and they eat insects that could harm people or other plants. And as wild animals, they’re susceptible to disease, so they can carry harmful bacteria and parasites. A pest control professional can help pinpoint where these critters are coming from and how to protect your property.


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