Where Do Amazing Race Contestants Sleep?

November 21, 2023

Amazing Race contestants must travel around the world while being filmed, which is no easy feat. In fact, the show's creators devised a set of guidelines for contestants that are designed to keep them on their toes and make the competition even harder than it already is.

One of those guidelines is that teams are not allowed to use their GPS or personal cell phones, which can add a new level of difficulty when it comes to finding the next location on the map. Instead, they have to rely on paper maps and ask locals for directions. This is one of those things that fans never think about when watching the show, but it's definitely something that makes the race a lot more difficult for teams.

In addition, teams aren't allowed to linger in any given area for too long. This helps to keep production costs down, as any crew member who is idling around wastes time and money. This is especially important when the production team consists of as many as 100 people who are streaking across the planet for weeks on end.

While this might be a huge inconvenience for teams, it's also a way to ensure that the race is fair and equitable. This is especially true when it comes to elimination, as the teams that are eliminated are sequestered until the end of filming, and can't communicate with their loved ones or anyone else who might spoil the results.


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