Where Do Actors Sleep When Filming?

December 15, 2023

Actors spend a lot of time away from home while filming. They can be shooting in different parts of the world, sometimes for days, weeks, or months. That means they have to find a temporary place to stay. Luckily, there are many options for actors. Some choose to stay in hotels, while others may use more luxurious apartments or even rent a house or villa.

The answer to the question “where do actors sleep when filming?” depends on several factors, including the distance between their homes and the set, the role, and the duration of the shoot. However, some general rules apply. Usually, leading actors will be given hotel rooms when shooting in locations far from their homes. These will be nicer than the trailers they might be assigned on a low budget production, but still not as good as their own houses or apartments.

If a project is very large, with a big-name actor, and has a high budget, then the lead actors will get their own trailers. These are not meant for sleeping in, but rather as dressing and green rooms where the actors can prepare themselves for their scenes and where they can relax or wait between takes or when the production is not running.

Of course, the trailers are not as nice as most people’s homes but they are a great way for actors to be alone and concentrate on rehearsing their lines. This is especially important if they have to deliver long speeches on screen. Sadly, long hours on set have led to crew members crashing their cars on the highways after leaving work.


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