Where Can I Watch Ride Your Wave Online?

October 4, 2023

The film is available to watch on Max Amazon Channel, Hoopla, and YouTube. Currently, it has an average IMDb rating of 6.8. You can also find it on Vudu, Google Play Movies, iTunes, and Microsoft Storeonline.

Parents need to know that Ride Your Wave is a sweet and touching tale of love, loss, and independence. It follows charming, clumsy surfer Hinako (voiced by Rina Kawaei) and her romance with the kind, attentive firefighter Minato (Ryota Katayose). Their believably intimate summer fling is a joy to watch as they bond over surfing; cooking omurice, a traditional Japanese meal of fluffy omelet and rice; watching fireworks together; and even loving finless porpoises. But when tragedy strikes, the impact is deep.

Director Masaaki Yuasa ("Lu Over the Wall") and screenwriter Reiko Yoshida craft a tender story of personal tragedy with surprisingly sensitive consideration for Hinako's emotions. His signature elongated figures are here, but the animation is smoother and more polished than ever before. And Yoshida's characterization of Hinako is a more complex and fully realized female lead than many heroines in recent American features. The film is a touching and beautiful portrait of one woman's struggle to live again after trauma, and to pick up the pieces and go on. It will leave viewers with a sense of hope and a feeling that life can be bittersweet and uncertain, but ultimately rewarding.


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