Where Are Lund Boats Made?

April 8, 2023

The reputable company Lund Boats is known to be the best manufacturer of fishing vessels and fiberglass boats. Moreover, they are also considered as the leader in luxury aluminum boats. This company has been manufacturing various types of products since 1946. But the question, “Where Are Lund Boats Made?” is still a puzzle to many experts.

The answer lies in New York Mills, Minn.

The company, part of Brunswick Corporation, manufactures several product lines - the sport and fish, tournament, sportsman, wilderness, adventure and classic series - at its facility in New York Mills. Its manufacturing facility is located on nearly 30 acres of land and has more than 500 employees.

In the factory in New York Mills, Minnesota, the process begins with a roll of raw aluminum. Then, a crew cuts it up into all the different pieces that will eventually become a boat.

From there, the hulls, sides and transoms are riveted together. Riveting is a two-person job, with one person driving the rivet gun on the outside of the boat and another underneath the upturned hull bucking (or backstopping) the rivets.

Besides, workers paint each hull with a primer before it goes into the oven to be baked -- 20 minutes at 230 degrees. This reduces the curing time and increases production.

There are a lot of people who love their Lund boats, but they have to deal with some issues that come up. These include the leaking issues in some models, especially in older models. But despite these things, the boats have been able to keep their value, which is quite impressive.


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