When Was The Last Hurricane To Hit Connecticut?

February 13, 2023

when was the last hurricane to hit connecticut

The last hurricane to hit connecticut

Despite its small population, Connecticut is an ocean state that can experience high winds, storm surges, and flooding. It's important to be prepared for the next hurricane, which can come at any time during the year.

The last hurricane to hit connecticut happened in 1938 and it was called the "Long Island Express". It came ashore near Stonington, Connecticut, and caused devastating damage to homes and commercial fishing vessels.

It killed dozens of people and damaged over a thousand buildings and roads in the area. A number of towns were inundated by water and flooded roads, including Middletown, Hartford and New London.

A few years later, a strong hurricane made landfall on the coast of Maine in September 1869, causing significant flooding and damage to many homes and businesses. It's considered to be one of the strongest storms to ever hit New England.

Another powerful hurricane brushed Nantucket and Cape Cod in September 1921, while also affecting parts of coastal Maine. It produced high surf along the beaches and coastal areas of southeastern Massachusetts.

August 19-22, 1991 - A Category 2 hurricane impacted Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and southern New England. It caused widespread damage to homes, trees, and utilities in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southeastern Massachusetts.

Hurricane Sandy was the second most expensive and destructive storm to hit the United States in history, costing close to $70 billion. It caused severe storm surges, heavy rainfall, and wind damage to homes and businesses. While most people agree that the hardest hit areas were New York and New Jersey, the hurricane also severely damaged homes, buildings, and infrastructure in Connecticut.


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