When is Tornado Season in Oklahoma?

February 6, 2023

When is tornado season in oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the most tornado prone states in the United States. The state has a history of being pounded year after year by volatile tornadoes, often in late spring or early summer.

Tornadoes are violent storms that form from a thunderstorm cloud and travel across the ground for a brief period of time. They can cause massive damage to property and Oklahoma real estate, as well as severe injuries.

When is tornado season in oklahoma

The springtime months of April and May are the most active for severe weather events, including tornadoes. This is because the combination of cold, dry mountain air and warm, wet Gulf of Mexico air creates unstable weather patterns.

A Tornado Warning is issued by your local NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office meteorologists who monitor the weather 24/7 over a designated area where a tornado is threatening. This means that a tornado has been reported or is spotted by spotters or on radar and there is a serious threat to life and property to those in the area.

Signing up for weather alerts and keeping your ears to the ground for outdoor warning sirens are the best ways to stay informed of changing weather conditions in a tornado-prone state like Oklahoma. Additionally, staying up to date on changing weather conditions via your local news and radio stations or even through social media is another way to ensure that you and your family are safe when a tornado is approaching.


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