When is Tornado Season Georgia?

February 13, 2023

when is tornado season georgia

When is tornado season georgia?

Tornadoes are a part of Georgia's weather and they are the most common type of severe storm. They are also very dangerous, with significant property damage and loss of life resulting from a tornado.

When is the deadliest spring tornado season?

The deadliest spring tornado season, from February to April, is characterized by powerful thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes. This is because the jet stream and cold front dig south into the southeastern United States during this time of year, which enhances the strength of thunderstorms.

When is tornado season in North Georgia?

The most active tornado season in Georgia is from March to May, with the peak occurring in April. This is because of the higher temperatures and moisture that are present in Georgia during this time of year, which increases the likelihood of a tornado.

What are the best ways to protect against a tornado?

If a tornado warning is issued, take shelter immediately in a safe room. This may include an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building, or a mobile home or vehicle.

Make a Family Emergency Plan

Be sure that everyone in your household has an emergency plan and is ready to act should severe weather hit your area. Determine in advance where your safe room will be and what supplies will be needed.

In addition, be sure that you have multiple ways to receive tornado warnings and other weather related warnings from your local emergency management agency. Some communities use sirens while others rely on mass notification systems or media to alert residents of severe weather.


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