When Is Pollen Season Over in Tennessee?

February 13, 2023

when is pollen season over in tennessee

When is pollen season over in tennessee?

Spring allergies are a major problem for many people living in Middle Tennessee. Our unique mix of topography, weather patterns, and a plethora of pollen-producing flora have made Tennessee a hotspot for allergy sufferers.

The season usually starts around early February and continues through early summer. However, a study recently published in the Nature Communications academic journal suggests that our seasons could get even longer thanks to climate change.

Trees and grasses start to bloom in the spring, which is when tree pollen becomes an allergen that is causing problems for allergy sufferers. By May, tree pollen has started to drop off and grass pollen is coming into play.

Grasses are a big problem for allergy sufferers in Tennessee, especially in the summer. By July, grass pollens have backed off, but mold and other fungal spores are still in the air.

Mold is especially bad in Nashville, because it thrives in warm and humid conditions. It's also a common cause of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce your symptoms and manage your allergies. The first step is to receive your personal allergy profile from Wyndly so you can identify your triggers and get an effective treatment plan that works for you.


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