When is Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta?

August 11, 2023

Puerto Vallarta has a typical tropical climate with hot weather and humidity year round. The best time to visit for sun seekers is the dry season between November and May.

Hurricanes typically twirl up the western coast of Mexico in a northerly direction (away from land). Occasionally, they will turn and approach Puerto Vallarta, but Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains act as natural barriers and deflect most of them before they reach the city.

That doesn't mean that Puerto Vallarta is completely free from storms, but they seldom cause significant damage. The last hurricane to hit the city was Hurricane Kenna back in October of 2002.

Although hurricanes are always a risk, they do not pose any major threat to visitors who take appropriate precautions and follow local authorities' instructions for evacuations. Modern meteorological forecasts allow us to know when a storm is approaching and prepare accordingly.

Shoulder season is an ideal time to visit because it allows you to enjoy the tail end of the dry season without the massive crowds that clog every beach club, restaurant and bar. It also coincides with the beginning of rainy season, so the jungle is emerald green and wildlife is thriving. The evening lightning displays and thundering roars of the thunderstorms are awe inspiring, making it a truly magical experience to be in the heart of nature during its wildest moments.

While the weather is still warm and sunny during this period, you'll need to bring a light jacket to protect yourself from the cool morning breezes. The rains typically fall in short bursts and only during the late afternoon, leaving you with ample opportunity to take full advantage of our tours, fishing trips, golfing and other activities.


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