When is Hurricane Season in Belize?

October 4, 2023

The months from June through November mark Belize’s wet season and hurricane season. This is when Belize experiences the most rain, and it is often described as a “green” time of year, with lush rainforests and vibrant wildlife.

The wet season also means a lower volume of tourists, making it easier to enjoy the beach and other outdoor activities without a crowd. However, if you do travel during this period, it is important to stay aware of weather forecasts and have a plan B in case of a storm. Belize has an extensive early warning system and a robust evacuation protocol.

Hurricanes don’t typically make landfall in Belize, but they can affect the country’s shoreline and offshore islands. This year, the Atlantic hurricane season experienced a rare mid-season pause that has been attributed to strong wind shear and suppressed atmospheric moisture.

July is the start of the wet season in Belize, but it’s not as rainy as some other months in this period. It is still a great time to visit for outdoor activities such as swimming, diving and snorkeling, as the water remains warm and visibility is good. It is also a great time to attend one of the country’s many prized lobster festivals, such as the annual Caye Caulker Lobster Fest.

Rainy season continues into September and October, but the intensity is lessened. It is still a great time for outdoor activities and to explore Mayan ruins, especially since the weather cools off a bit in the evenings and there are fewer mosquitoes. It is also a great time for birding as migrating species such as hummingbirds, tanagers and warblers begin to arrive from North America.


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