When Does the Snow Stop in Lake Tahoe?

February 13, 2023

when does the snow stop in lake tahoe

When does the snow stop in lake tahoe?

The icy wonderland of Lake Tahoe is home to some of the world's most iconic ski resorts, and is popular with visitors from around the globe for its winter activities. But despite its wintery charm, the high-elevation lake is a year-round destination for a host of summer activities, from hiking to water sports to sun-bathing on the beach.

During the winter, a snowfall of 75 inches or more is common. And even when the weather is warm, you can enjoy plenty of lingering powder on the slopes.

November is the start of Lake Tahoe's winter season, and it lasts up until mid-March. Hardcore skiers scramble to get in their last turns of the season before many resorts close for the year.

December is the snowiest month of the year, with a typical average of 75 inches falling. But the highest mountain peaks often receive more than a foot of new snow in a single winter storm, so it's always worth watching out for fresh powder.

January is usually a quiet month, with an average of 68 inches of Lake Tahoe snow. However, in January 2017, we received 238 inches of snow — more than any other ski resort in the area.

February is another typical snowy month, with an average of 72 inches. But you may still have to deal with a few chilly days on the lake and scout for lingering snowflakes on the trails before they melt away.


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