When Does Spring Start in Texas?

June 1, 2023

Spring in texas usually starts on March 20 — the astronomical first day of spring or vernal equinox. However, the start of meteorological spring can vary from year to year because the season depends on two things: the position of Earth in relation to the sun and the annual temperature cycle.

The onset of spring is also when seasonal allergies hit their peak. For Texans with hay fever or grass allergies, this can be a particularly miserable time of year as the pollen counts are high.

A wet spring typically means plenty of wildflowers and other plants blooming in the state. This makes it a popular destination for tourists. Whether you're heading to the fields of West Texas or the El Paso Museum of Archaeology for a look at the poppies, it's important to prepare.

Temperatures tend to be warm throughout most of the state during the spring. However, the spring season can bring occasional cool weather and even a frost or snowfall. This is especially true in the far southwestern part of the state.

Rainfall is a regular occurrence during the spring, but how much of it you get can vary. The average monthly rainfall for the month of March is 0.5 inches. The wettest month is May.

The drier season in the state typically lasts for 7.9 months. The most drier month is September. The muggier period of the year is from April to October and is characterized by comfort levels being at or above the dew point most of the time.


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