When Does It Start Snowing in Durango?

February 13, 2023

when does it start snowing in durango

Durango is a beautiful mountain town in southwest Colorado's Four Corners region, where Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet. With stunning views of the Animas River, renowned local cuisine and an abundance of cultural influences, this is the perfect place to discover unforgettable adventures.

When does it start snowing in Durango?

The town lies at 6,512 feet above sea level and enjoys an ideal four season climate year-round. Winters are mild and sunny with average temperatures between 10 and 50 degrees. Despite Durango's snowfall which averages about 71" per year, snow removal is relatively easy because of Durango's low elevation and great solar exposure (300 days of sunshine per year).

Spring brings warmer weather and rain (19" annual precipitation) that brighten greening lawns and high country meadows, although summers are often cool and wet with temperatures rarely climbing above the high 80s. Streams and reservoirs stay relatively full during this time of year, due to melting snow from deep winter snows in the San Juan Mountains.

Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Durango with warm and dry days that make for spectacular drives to see the golden aspen and red-orange scrub oak. This is also a great time to enjoy the many outdoor activities Durango has to offer including hiking, biking, horseback riding and more.

Skiing is the most popular activity in Durango during winter and begins late October or early November with the first snowfall bringing the thrill of a lifetime! With our ideal snowfall and pristine terrain, you'll be sure to enjoy every minute of your ski vacation in this amazing mountain town.


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