When Does It Snow in Tennessee?

June 1, 2023

As a Southern state, Tennessee isn’t known for its winter weather. That said, it does snow occasionally – especially in the mountainous regions of the state. If you’re thinking about visiting the Volunteer State in the winter, be sure to pack a warm coat and good pair of boots just in case!

When Does It Snow in Tennessee?

Most of the state has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. However, the mountains in the northeast part of the state have a cool climate since they’re elevated from sea level. Because of this, they experience a winter that’s more similar to what you’d expect in other parts of the country.

The peak months for snowfall in Tennessee are January and February. But it’s not uncommon to see snow fall in other months, too. For example, the Smoky Mountains in Sevier County were covered in snow on Christmas Eve in 2020.

The most likely place to see snow in Tennessee is Gatlinburg, a popular vacation spot near the Smoky Mountains. But Cookeville is another great choice, as it often experiences a heavy snowfall in the winter. If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, you can visit the small town for its winter festivals and events. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a picturesque winter vacation! Be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes and enjoy all that the season has to offer!


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