When Does It Snow in Storm Peaks?

February 13, 2023

when does it snow in storm peaks

Storm Peaks

The region's highest peaks offer spectacular views over Icecrown Glacier, Crystalsong Forest and Zul'Drak. It's also possible to "jump" from one peak to another, provided you don't get thrown over the edge.

Snowfall in the Pacific Northwest

A slug of moisture hits Mount Baker and Whistler/Blackcomb 2/3-2/6 with heavy snow accumulation and moderate wind gusts. Less accumulation from Stevens Pass south into Oregon.

1-2 feet in Oregon and Washington

The first significant snowfall of the season occurs this week in the Pacific Northwest with heavy accumulation in Washington, Northern Idaho and western British Columbia. Those ski areas benefit from two different southern track storm systems 2/13-2/15 and 2/20.

Grand totals are around two feet from Whistler/Blackcomb to Baker to Rainier to Stevens Pass with lighter accumulation from Revelstoke and Fernie.

Several powder days are possible throughout the week in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I'm forecasting wrap-around snow on 1/16 with light to moderate accumulation, then a larger storm system delivers heavy accumulation on 1/19-1/20.

Snow continues on 1/26 with additional moderate accumulation. Then the pattern shifts back to the West and a few storm systems brush the area on 1/27.

It's usually a good idea to check the weather before you plan a trip to California’s summits, as inclement weather can lead to snow showers on high peaks, even without a lot of snowfall. Using a weather app or mobile phone may help you predict the weather conditions and whether or not a particular summit will see a significant amount of snow.


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