When Does It Snow in Shaver Lake?

February 13, 2023

when does it snow in shaver lake

When does it snow in shaver lake

Shaver Lake Weather In August-October:
The best time to visit the town of Shaver Lake is during the months of August and October because it's warm and pleasant enough to go out and explore. The weather is favorable and there are not many crowds of people making this a great time to get out and do fun activities without any hassles.

When does it snow in shaver Lake during December:

There are usually nine days of snowfall in Shaver Lake during December. The average amount of snow that falls in this month is about 21.7 inches.

When does it snow in a winter storm:

The weather in a winter storm is often quite cold. The highest temperatures in a winter storm can be as low as 32 degrees, which is why it's important to bring a coat or sweater and extra warm clothing.

When does it snow in ice:

The best place to play in a winter storm is at one of the Sno-Parks along Highway 168 east of Shaver Lake. Tamarack Sno-Park is at the summit of the ridge and offers a large parking lot and some fair sliding hills.

Coyote Sno-Park is a half mile beyond Tamarack and also has a good sized parking area. This Sno-Park is quieter and holds the best snow late into the season, although it does not permit snowmobiling.

The snow in Shaver Lake is primarily concentrated in the northern part of the lake. It is a popular lake for boating and fishing. It's well stocked and is a great place for all kinds of fishermen, from fly fisherman to those who cast a line off the side of their boat.


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