When Does Hurricane Season Start in Florida?

May 31, 2023

Florida is a hurricane-prone state and its residents are prepared for it. Historically, the state experiences its highest number of land-falling hurricanes in August through mid-October. However, a direct hit to any specific area of the state is rare and Floridians have learned to respect these storms.

While it is difficult to predict when exactly a hurricane will form, you can keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center website. Using advanced technology, this United States weather service can detect the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes well in advance, allowing it to provide accurate forecasts and timely warnings.

A hurricane forms when an area of low pressure in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico gets sucking up warm air and water from below. When this happens, the air rises and cools, creating a swirling pattern of clouds with an empty space in the middle called the “eye.” In satellite photos, the eye looks like an area of white with a dark line in the center.

Hurricanes can grow very quickly, especially in warm waters. They also have very high winds and large storm surges, which can cause flooding and destruction. But there’s hope: Hurricanes can be weakened or even destroyed by an area of colder water.

Although experts are predicting a less active season thanks to the possibility of an El Nino, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. After all, Florida only needs one bad hurricane to wreak havoc.


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