When Do Hummingbirds Sleep at Night Time?

November 16, 2023

When Do Hummingbirds Go to Sleep at Night Time?

Hummingbirds are diurnal birds, so their bedtime is in line with the sun. When the sun goes down, they will begin searching for a place to roost for the night. They prefer a sheltered spot that can protect them from predators and weather conditions. They will often choose a location that is well-concealed by shrubs or trees.

The hummingbird’s unique perching position makes it hard for them to sleep in the typical way that other birds do. They tend to latch onto a branch or twig and hang themselves upside down while they are sleeping. This allows them to conserve their energy while they are resting.

Typically, hummingbirds will sleep alone, but they have been known to roost together on occasion. This is likely because group roosting offers increased protection from predators and other threats, which can be beneficial for these tiny birds. It is also possible that hummingbirds roost together for warmth and to reduce the amount of energy they spend on body heat.

Once hummingbirds find a good spot to roost for the night, they will enter a state of torpor. Torpor is a deep, energy-conserving sleep that can help them survive through cold winter nights. While they are in torpor, hummingbirds slow their metabolism by up to 95%, and it can take them 20 minutes or more to wake up when they are ready. While they are in torpor, researchers have reported hearing hummingbirds snoring.


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