What Year Was It 500 Years Ago?

February 15, 2024

If you want to know what year it was 500 years ago the easiest way is to use our online date calculator which will tell you the date in either weeks, months or years. Simply enter the quantity you want to calculate, select the period and the direction of counting (from or before). The result will be displayed instantly.

500 years ago would have been a time of great political upheaval and the average person's life was probably difficult enough as it was. There was no such thing as antibiotics and any illness could easily turn into a death sentence. The UK was made up of a bunch of independent kingdoms who were often at war with each other which meant that anyone who wasn't wealthy had to have good luck just to survive.

This was also a time of great literary achievement with the writings of William Shakespeare becoming more and more widely read in England. In fact printing was starting to become widespread which allowed religious books to be translated from Latin and general reading material to be written in English.

It was about this time that the effects of the "Renaissance" were felt in England with Italian artists and scholars arriving and bringing long forgotten works of Greek and Roman culture and art to be debated and studied. Schools were also starting to appear generally financed by local benefactors. The most famous being Eton and Harrow.


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