What to Do in Yellowstone on a Rainy Day

February 13, 2023

what to do in yellowstone on a rainy day

What to Do in Yellowstone On a Rainy Day

Even though you’ve made the trip to Yellowstone for its geothermal wonders and spectacular wildlife, unexpected summer storms can make the park a bit less than magical. Thankfully, the world’s first national park is home to many fun activities and attractions that can keep you out of harm’s way on a rainy day.

Old Faithful Inn - A free tour of this iconic lodge can give you an insider’s view of the world famous geyser that continues to erupt despite the weather. Its 128 year old construction also gives you a great place to shelter from the rain when the storm rolls in!

Grand Prismatic Spring - One of the most acidic hot springs in the park, this area is filled with billions of micro organisms that give its water its rainbow-colored appearance. There’s a boardwalk area at the entrance of the springs, plus an overlook trail to take in the majesty of this wonder.

Bears & Wolves in the Wildcountry – September is a time when bears and wolves return to the lower elevations to prepare for the coming winter. The cooler weather encourages them to put on fat stores for the harsh winter ahead.

Driving in Yellowstone - When it’s raining or windy, it can be tricky to navigate the roads within the park. It’s important to know the road conditions before you drive or ask a ranger to help you plan your route so you don’t get stuck in traffic or miss your stop.


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