What to Do in Galveston When it Rains

February 13, 2023

what to do in galveston when it rains

A little rain never hurts

Galveston doesn’t just have beachy fun – it’s also full of water-proof activities. It’s a great destination for families, couples or friends who want to get away and enjoy something different.

The Best Time to Visit in Galveston

A rainy day doesn’t have to ruin your vacation! In fact, it can actually be a great opportunity to experience some of the city’s most interesting sights.

Tours and Historic Buildings

Galveston has a wealth of museums, historic buildings and sites to explore. It’s worth spending the entire day or even multiple days exploring some of these spots.

Moody Gardens

For an indoor activity that’s sure to keep you out of the rain, visit one of the many exhibits at Moody Gardens. They have everything from 3D films to Discovery and Aquarium exhibits, which are sure to entertain the whole family.

La King’s Confectionary

This old-fashioned candy counter and ice cream parlor is famous for its saltwater taffy, which they pull in a free demonstration right before you. They also have a variety of other treats.

Ghost Tour Bus

If you’re a history buff, hop on the Galveston Ghost Tour Bus for an exciting and unique experience. You’ll hear eyewitness accounts of hauntings that have occurred throughout the city’s history.

Clay Cup Studios

If you love art, this paint-your-own pottery and canvas studio is a great place to spend a rainy day. They offer walk-in projects, but you can also sign up for a class or workshop to create your own masterpieces.


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