What Thickness Plywood For Hurricane Is Best?

February 13, 2023

what thickness plywood for hurricane

What Thickness Plywood for Hurricane

If you’re trying to protect your windows from storm debris, it’s essential to know what thickness plywood is best. Ideally, plywood should be at least 5/8-inch thick to withstand the impact of flying objects that could tear down your window frame during a strong storm.

What Thickness Plywood for Hurricane

There are many types of storm shutters available for homeowners to use, and some are much more durable than others. For example, corrugated aluminum or steel panels are very sturdy and can be mounted in permanent tracks or bolted into place.

Polycarbonate hurricane panels offer a more affordable alternative to plywood. They’re also easier to install and have better impact resistance.

How to Make Plywood Shutters

To create your own DIY hurricane shutters, you’ll need a sheet of plywood and several screws. First, measure and mark the openings where you want the shutters to go. Then, cut the plywood to size using a circular saw.

You can then attach the plywood to your home’s framing with #8 or #10 Phillips-head wood screws. These should be driven into the center of the studs around each window.

Quick Tip #1: Instead of driving the screws directly into the wall, drill pilot holes and then insert them into the studs. Be sure to use washers on each screw, as they will help prevent the fastener from boring into the wood.

For masonry houses, fit the plywood inside the window opening and hold it in place with 4-inch barrel bolts spaced no more than 16 inches apart. These bolts have a sliding shaft that fits into a hole drilled in the masonry.


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