What Sounds Do Koalas Make?

February 15, 2024

A koala can make quite the sound, from soft clicking and squeaking to loud grunts. These sounds are used to mark their trees and communicate with other koalas. They also use these calls to express aggression or to show their annoyance. Koalas are very territorial and they will often grunt when they spot a predator in their territory. They also make a low-pitched call that sounds like a baby screaming when they are scared.

Male koalas will often bellow and make aggressive grunting calls when they are trying to attract a female. They will also use them to warn other koalas that they are in their territory.

Loud grunting is also very common when koalas see their predators such as dingoes or owls around their trees. This is because they want to warn the predator to stay away from their territory. They may even call out a scream or cry when they are irritated by another animal or human.

When it comes to mating, koalas will produce a low-pitched vocalization that has been described as a combination of a donkey braying and a frog vomiting. This sound is known as the koala call that has been compared to a snore or belch. Koalas can also make gurgling noises that are similar to a broken drain.


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